Department Of Women's Health

This department trains students on techniques and skills to assess, diagnose and manage patients with Obstetrics and Gynecological problems. Treatment techniques are aimed at overcoming problems related to OBG conditions- musculoskeletal, pelvic and reproductive systems in women. This department involves in comprehensive assessment and tailored treatment plans to improve women’s overall pelvic health, quality of life and prevent othe gynecological health problems like: endometriosis, hormonal disorders, vulvo vagina and menstrual disorders.

Some of the common areas of focus are-

  1. Pelvic floor rehabilitation.

  2. Prenatal and post-natal care.

  3. Menstrual cycle related pain and pelvic pain.

  4. Post operative rehabilitation- after gynecological and pelvic surgeries.

  5. Incontinence management.

  6. Sexual dysfunction

woman exercising indoors
woman exercising indoors