Department Of Basic Sciences

This department is fundamental department under the School of Physiotherapy. It provides students a strong basic foundation of the principles of Medical and Physiotherapeutic specialties. Under this, there are departments of-

Biomechanics: This branch focuses on the study of mechanical principles underlying the human body, there is an integration of principles of Anatomy, Physics, Engineering and Biology, and students learn the principles of structure and functioning of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other tissues.

Exercise therapy: This is a specialized unit under the basic sciences which is involved in the study of different types of exercises for improving the physical health, function and well-being of the individuals. Targeted groups of muscles are trained with exercises to improve the strength and performance of individuals in order to prevent, manage and treat different medical conditions such as sprains, strains and post-fracture stiffness. Based on the extent of weakness of muscles, passive, assisted, active and resisted exercises are administered. The exercise interventions are aimed to improve the strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, co-ordination and cardiovascular health.

Electrotherapy: This department deals with the use of electrical and electromagnetic equipment in the treatment of many musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Electrical energy is utilized in the stimulation of nerves, muscles and other connective tissues to promote tissue healing, reduce pain and improve the overall physiological functioning. The department complements other physiotherapy interventions to improve the effectiveness of treatment and thereby enhance the overall outcomes of patients undergoing rehabilitation.

a model of a human body with a heart on it
a model of a human body with a heart on it